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Andros Island

Andros consists an ideal destination for both summer vacation and relaxing weekend breaks. The capital of the island (Chora), and the neighbouring villages Stenies and Apikia, preserve the atmosphere of its maritime tradition that stems from both the innovative activity of Andros ship owners, and the zeal and enthousiasm shown by many generations of Andriots for the seamans trade.
Walking by the narrow picturesque streets of the town, one can admire the architecture of the mansions of well known ship owners and more


Andros is famous for its beaches, where with the exception of the cosmopolitan ones in Batsi, Chryssi Ammos and Ag. Petros on the western part of the island, increasingly more visitors are impressed by the numerous bays they discover, mainly on the northern part of the island.

Most beaches are sandy or with small pebbles, and offer the possibility of the so hard to find complete isolation, even during high more